What they say

“In my opinion, the best ‘all-round’ professional English coursebook”

I am based in France and am an independent English language trainer for organisations such as Nova Formation and Infolangues as an Auto-Entrepreneur.

I would like to provide my feedback on the In Company 3.0 coursebooks. The books are great. In Company 3.0 is, in my opinion, the best ‘all-round’ professional English coursebook, much better than its contemporaries in the market. It looks and feels professional, classy and is very well-structured and put-together. Every student I’ve used it with, and every student that I’ve seen use it at my Language Centre clients, gets on with it very well. On top of that, the online resource centres are excellent, the video and audio files available are REALLY good and very well-made. It’s great for a coursebook, or to dip into and take sections here and there, depending on the needs of the students.

Other trainers I work with have told me that they enjoy using the In Company 3.0 series too, it seems to please everyone. So, again, thank you very much

I also work with Macmillan English Campus, and that is a fantastic platform for students to have access to as part of their contract. Everyone I work with who uses it invariably wants to continue after their training contract is finished.

Nick Holden
Independent English Language Trainer
Grenoble, France

“Thanks for the online audio and video – In Company 3.0 is right up to date!”

I wanted to give some feedback to the “In Company” series. I’m working with B1+ with a customer and I especially like the video clips. They are of a great help to show some scenes in business. These kind of clips are sometimes hard to find on youtube, so I’m glad to have them. And I like the structure of the book. Short and precise topics, very pragmatic to train my business customers. I like that the book focuses on the different topics in business and not so much on perfect grammar use. AND I love the intercultural input, as this is part of my teaching.

Thanks for having the audio and video online and in mp3. Many books still have CDs in AIFF-files. Too old-fashioned for my style of teaching – and In Company 3.0 is right up to date in this respect!

Svetlana Jungmann
Business trainer - CulturEng
Chemnitz, Germany

“Business English made engaging and enjoyable”

I’ve been using In Company 3.0 Intermediate with a new company class for five weeks now and I can say with more conviction than with any other coursebook that both the students and I are extremely satisfied with it. The students are required to use English every day at work, and wanted to focus mainly on functional language and how to make conversation. In Company 3.0 really succeeds in providing this; it is very ‘function-based’ and gives enough practice to really consolidate what the students are learning. There is a huge amount of online material to use too; from the online workbook to the extra case studies, photocopiable worksheets and teacher’s resources. Furthermore, the layout of the book is attractive and engaging, and the students really enjoy using it. The lessons are enjoyable, but more importantly, provide the students with the language essential for carrying out their jobs and speaking English naturally. I can’t recommend In Company 3.0 enough – business English made engaging and enjoyable!

Nicola Quiggin
ILC International House Brno
Czech Republic

“We are big fans of this new edition!”

We’ve started using In Company 3.0 Upper Intermediate and we love it! We really like how the books are so skills focused. So often we need to help our students do particular things in their jobs (socialize with clients, communicate on the phone, negotiate). We also like that there is a grammar and vocabulary focus at the end of each unit and really like the Management scenarios. The audio is good and is both funny and accurate. We’re looking forward to using the videos which come with the course. In Company 3.0 has made a big difference and we’re happy to say we are big fans of this new edition!

Olivia Tilghman-Osborne
Responsable pédagogique
Paris Corporate Language Centre

In Company 3.0 Starter (A1+) Student’s Book Review

The well-known business English coursebook series In Company is now into its third generation. This slim 96-page offers a new beginners level, and does a good job at providing low-level language for business students; it even includes  unit on the challenging skill of negotiating. The ten units cover essential survival language. The five business scenarios offer low-level case studies. The major new feature of this series is the provision of a blended learning package, with an online workbook and a resource centre containing extensive audio and video materials. The video interviews with business professionals are especially engaging, and delivered at normal speed, whereas the audio recordings are spoken more slowly and carefully. The skills-based curse has a fresh, modern design. Recommended.

Reviewed by Pete Sharma for BEBC in EL Gazette, March 2015.

In Company 3.0 Intermediate Level Review

This is the third version of Mark Powell’s popular B2-level business English coursebook.

The content has been updated and the book has a modern look. There is new material, such as the Business scenario units*, based on real-life situations. Fortunately, In Company retains a lot of the core content which was so unique in previous versions, including the strong focus on business skills, work on business collocations and cultural awareness, and the quirky humour so characteristic of the author. The most important change is the strong digital offering – an online workbook and resource centre, containing engaging videos.

Reviewed by Pete Sharma for BEBC in EL Gazette, June 2014.

In Company 3.0 Course Review

In Company 3.0 is the third edition of Macmillan’s business English series. It offers an integrated skills-based approach geared towards adult learners wanting to improve their communicative abilities in workplace contexts.  Each book in the series is graded according to the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) proficiency levels (sic), so users can choose the book best suited to their needs. The series also comes with a complementary online workbook and student resource centre that can be used by learners for independent language practice and by teachers for facilitating blended learning opportunities.

Each student book pack has 15 units on themes surrounding workplace encounters and current issues in business. While many of these themes are featured in most business English textbooks, In Company 3.0 adds several novel contexts such as ‘office gossip’, ‘passing the buck’ and ’working lunch’, which give learners authentic exposure to common workplace interactions. Each of these units also includes form-focused activities aimed at extending learners’ linguistic knowledge. In addition, there are five more units focused on formulaic language for situation-oriented business communication, and another five workplace scenarios that simulate authentic workplace circumstances, engaging learners in task-based, meaning-oriented communication. Altogether,

In Company 3.0 provides well-rounded and balanced exposure to useful target language with many opportunities for skills development through communicative language use.

While laudable for its selection of themes and content, In Company 3.0’s presentation contains certain limitations.

Although there has been an attempt to use white space, colour and visuals to make the book more appealing, the layout on each page comes across as very busy and text-heavy. The font is also quite small, making it difficult to image a student actually writing responses on the textbook pages. As such, the series may intimidate more visual learners, requiring teachers to supplement or adapt material as appropriate.

Despite these drawbacks, In Company 3.0 is a valuable resource for teachers, who are able to take a lesson off the page. The range of content and activities included in each unit make it possible for educators to design lessons to meet a variety of language and skills focussed objectives. This content is also highly-relevant to the modern business experience, making it an expedient resource for learners aspiring to careers in English-speaking workplaces.

I think this book provides a rich and well-informed platform for teaching business English.

Reviewed by Christopher Chisholm (CELTA, MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching) in IATEFL Voices, July 2014

“One of the best, if not the best, business English coursebooks for adults”

We have now adopted the In Company 3.0 series as our standard reference for Business English. We are using it for our “cycles annuels entreprises” and we are also adopting it for companies. Based on the content we have used so far, our feedback is positive. I have always liked In Company for the layout, the “breathability” of the pages and so on. The students seem to find it easier to interact with and do not get confused by the activities or instructions as they tend to do with some other business English titles. Although I haven’t had the chance to use the online resources yet, they sound very exciting. I think the idea of downloadable content that people can watch/listen to on their smartphones or tablets is good, and a very persuasive reason for choosing this series over another. I am very happy to be using what I consider to be one of the best, if not the best, business English coursebooks for adults.

Julian Lawson
Teacher - Centre d’Étude de Langues
Angoulême, France