About the digital offering

New Blended Learning Delivery

The In Company 3.0  Online Workbooks give this new edition a fully integrated solution for digital learning, accessible anytime, anywhere, from laptops as well as tablets. In addition, the Resource Centres collect all the downloadable resources for the course into one place, available directly from the In Company 3.0 website. Teachers and students don’t have to purchase lots of varied components – everything is contained in the Student’s Pack and Teacher’s Pack, which provide access to both the Online Workbooks and the respective Resource Centres.


Compact and Flexible Online Workbooks

From In Company 3.0 Intermediate Online Workbook

From In Company 3.0 Intermediate Online Workbook

We know how important it is for Business English students who are always on the go to have an easy, flexible way to practise from wherever they are, and our new Online Workbooks allow them to do just that, whether they are working from a laptop or a tablet. The In Company 3.0 Online Workbooks offer students a varied set of activities that are fully aligned to the course Learning Outcomes. It’s easy for students to see how their personal practice relates to the topics you’re teaching in class. The automatic gradebooks make it easy for students to follow their progress, while the opportunity to get immediate feedback, combined with a contemporary look and feel, keeps your students motivated as they work their way through each level of the course.The Online Workbooks are the ideal solution for any institution that wants to give its students the advantage of online practice.

And for teachers, access to the Online Workbooks at all levels is included in your Teacher’s Book pack: see all the activities your students are working on, create your classes, and keep an eye on how your students are doing at the click of a mouse. You can see how many attempts your students have made at each activity, and track their score for first, last and best attempt by activity, by unit – or overall. No need to keep records and waste your time on marking and paperwork: the Online Workbooks do all the work for you!

Resource Centres

From In Company 3 Intermediate interviews

From In Company 3.0 Intermediate interviews

From their Resource Centre, students can access audio, video and extra practice material, all in one place, whether they want to use it immediately or download for later.

The Teacher’s Resource Centre gives you access to all the student’s resources as well as a range of teacher’s resources such as videos, audio, worksheets, and placement and progress tests. There is also a fast-track map, which shows how to make the most of teaching time in a shortened teaching hours situation.

Presentation Kit

Presentation Kit

From In Company 3.0 interactive whiteboard software

Available through the Teacher’s Resource Centre, the Teacher’s Presentation Kit creates a communicative learning environment when used face-to-face with an interactive whiteboard or laptop with projector. This indispensable software can also help when training online.