About the course

Starter to Upper Intermediate levels (CEFR A1+ to B2)

Starter to Upper Intermediate levels (CEFR A1+ to B2)

Welcome to the latest evolution of the popular In Company family.

This third edition contains up-to-date and practical content for students who are already working in competitive global workplaces.

It’s the ideal course for established business professionals looking for practical, skills-based English that they can apply immediately to their working lives.

NEW for In Company 3.0 :

  • Blended learning delivery with integrated and flexible Online Workbook
  • Student’s and Teacher’s Resource Centres providing many additional materials
  • Presentation Kit for interactive whiteboards – also ideal for online training
  • Business Scenarios providing challenging video case study units
  • Videos with extensive content which support the Business Scenarios
  • Interview videos showcasing global business professionals
  • Global approach texts, audio and video drawn from a range of international sources
  • Flexible approach allowing the course to be adapted for fast-track and one-to-one teaching
  • Brand new Starter level providing beginner students with essential language for work survival and success

Watch this video introduction by co-author of new Starter level, Ed Pegg:

Up-to-date material

Ut enim ad minim veniam.

In Company 3.0  takes a truly global approach to all the material with texts drawn from a range of international sources which cover both British and American English. This third edition introduces Business Scenarios – challenging case studies simulating real-life business situations that allow students to use their language dynamically. At lower levels they cover Workplace Scenarios and at higher levels Management Scenarios.

Up-to-date delivery

This new edition introduces new texts, audio and activities but also reflects recent developments in the way the material is delivered – in direct response to the changes in the Business English teaching arena.

Students can practise online using the Online Workbook, and download video, audio and other content to practise on the move – via laptops or tablets.

Teachers can track their student’s progress through the automatic gradebook function of the Online Workbook. They also get access to a range of additional material such as videos, audio, both progress and placement tests, and resource materials.

New video material, both authentic and commissioned, provides a dynamic audio-visual dimension and successfully reflects the global face of the business world. In addition, the course takes into account the need for flexibility and ‘open-access’ to the material.


Interviews VideoIC3Int-1                      Workplace scenario